Friday, December 14, 2012

Review: Closet Child

I finally bought from the notorious Closet Child

Lots of items and updates regularly. Although, they are known to raise their prices and are somewhat more expensive compared to Usagiyouhinten or Alice+Fururun. But they also have English speaking staff so if there is a problem it can easily be solved.

But... you can easily get banned from this site. If you cancel once you get a warning and the second time you'll be banned. So no impulse purchases on this site!

  • First, you order through the site, which reserves the item.
  • Then, they send an email asking to confirm the order so that they can create an invoice with shipping. (Dec 7th)
  • Then, you get an email telling you the price and shipping and the invoice (Dec 9th)
  • Paid invoice (Dec 9th)
  • They recieved invoice and sent out package (Dec 10th)
  • I recieved package (Dec 13th)

Very quick at everything! Expensive shipping as usual (2200 yen for a cape) but worth it considering how fast it came!

Will order from again, definitely. Especially, if I see any of my dream items!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Review: Trample Clothing

I recently bought some shoes from the NY based used and new lolita shop, this webshop never really updates so I don't really watch it often. It's easy to navigate and relatively reasonably priced.

They had their Vivienne Westwood x Melissa shoes for $80 so I had to buy them!

Shipping was $10, not ideal but not expensive, and took around 10 days to arrive. (I live on the west-coast)

The shoes were packed with Styrofoam peanuts so they wouldn't shift during shipping. The shoe box was packaged inside another box to prevent wrinkled corners. (I've received shoes from eBay with shoe boxes wrapped only in brown paper and completely smashed up from shipping).

I would buy from this site again, if something new catches my eye.

Vivienne Westwood shoes are surprisingly uncomfortable though, I have wide feet so this may be the issue and the sizing seemed larger. The straps would hold my feet towards the heel of the shoe which would make the wide part of my foot hit the narrow curve of the shoe. I'll buy half a size down next time.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Review: Tokyo Alice Rakuten

I had been watching Tokyo Alice awhile because they constantly update their items.

I descided to buy a dress that was 17800 yen.

They do not ship overseas using the cart, you have to use a shopping service for that. But you can email them the item you want.

  • I emailed Oct 16th
  • I got an email and invoice (Paypal) back the same day Oct 16th
  • They recieved my payment and sent out package with tracking Oct 18th
  • I recieved my package Oct 22nd

Total 20020 yen = 17800 + 2220 (EMS shipping)

So yay for good experience! EMS shipping is expensive but so reliable!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Review: Usagi Youhinten

I recently acquired a skirt from Usagi Youhinten

This site is difficult to navigate because they don't delete their sold out items and they don't put the items that aren't sold out in the first few pages.

BUT they do have a lot of items that are cheap and update often enough.

  • I ordered from their cart and got a confirmation email - Oct 5th
  • I recieved the invoice and sent payment - Oct 6th
  • I got a shipping confirmation with the tracking number - Oct 9th
  • I recieved the item - Oct 12th
It took a week after I ordered to arrive!

The item was 9200 yen and the shipping was 1860 yen. Total was 11060 yen
9200 + 1860 = 11060 yen~ $140.60

This skirt was still on Angelic Pretty USA site for $217! And this dress came in "A" condition with tags still. A completely unused item! Saved around $80!

Sunday, September 9, 2012


I don't especially like this store. I think they have a lot of replicas and I'm skeptical of products from China in general. A lot of people on Lookbook buy products here so I thought I might as well give it a try since when you sign up for their email list you get some coupon codes. And the products aren't very expensive.

In general, there are too many products so browsing through them all bores me. I'm interested in galaxy prints and spikes right now. So I only look at those items usually.

I ordered the
Mysterious Universe Asymmetric Skirt
Multi Point Spike Headband
(subtotal) $50.25 - (discount code) $10.05 = $40.20 (total)

  • Ordered (August 28)
  • Order confirmation (August 28)
  • Email item shipped with tracking number (August 31st)
  • Item arrived (September 7th)
I got the WRONG item. I got the Mysterious Universe Tulip Skirt instead. I emailed the customer service and they told me that they would give me a 70% refund. I guess this is better than shipping an item to China because the cost of shipping and the time it would take.
Still, makes me kind of regret buying from this site from the first place. Online shopping sites depend on efficient quality control and mistakes like this are how a site fails, no matter how cheap and well made their products are.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Review: Black Milk Clothing (updated!)

My review for Black Milk Clothing They are based in Australia

Relatively easy browsing. Lots of items but get sold out quickly although they do restocks often. Certain items are limited so if you want it, you got to buy it now!

Very pricey but for good reason. The leggings are amazing quality (I've bought cheap Chinese ones off of eBay before).

The sizing is a little confusing but their clothes are stretchy so I guess with my sizes: Waist 25in (63 cm) and Hips 35 in (89 cm) I could wear a small or xsmall. I've bought both and I prefer small because I feel like there is more design shown.

Shipping Australia ---> USA

I'm only interested in printed leggings (which are also cheaper and have awesome designs).

Total for one pair of leggings = Price + Shipping = $87.50 AUD ($94.17 USD)

Usually they ship the day after you order.
  • Ordered (July 30th)
  • Shipping Confirmation (July 31st)
  • Arrived (August 9th)

  • Ordered (August 22nd)
  • Shipping Confirmation (August 23rd)
  • Arrived (around September 3rd [I wasn't home when it arrived])
They don't provide a tracking number unless you want to pay more for shipping. But in general, it takes 10 days for it to arrive.

Although, one item I bought during a discount code
  • Ordered (August 10th)
  • Shipping Confirmation (August 27th)
  • Arrived (September 7th)
It took 17 days after I ordered for them to ship it out. The item I ordered after this already arrived. It's annoying that they didn't ship out this item for so long. But they do get a lot of customers and Black Milk rarely does discount codes.

I have one neutral experience with Black Milk Clothing. I ordered the Leg Bones Leggings and the print was misaligned. I'm overly picky but considering how expensive BM is I hope to get my money's worth. 

I emailed and they said that it matches the rest of the stock, so no partial refund/exchange etc. Maybe I'm nitpicking but I think it's noticeable, especially since it's a design that makes it obvious.

This won't prevent me from buying from them again but I'll be careful of what designs to buy, in case there is misalignment as obvious as this.

You will have to pay for "customs tax" but it's more like Fedex taking a chunk of money. I paid around $300 from BM and I had to pay around $75 to Fedex. And you can't ignore it or they'll send a debt collector and you could get a permanent mark on your credit record. 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Review: Gothic Lolita Wigs Store

I've been buying wigs from Gothic Lolita Wigs Store for awhile now. Might as well do a review!

List of wigs I own from them:

Their wigs are great! Although some wigs seem to be made out of different material than others. The older wigs such as the Split Lolita series and the Wavy Lolita series get tangled more easily. Newer collections such as the Sweetheart Collection and Rhapsody Collection and Peek-a-Boo Collection are a lot easier to comb through.

Service from this site is always good. This store is Texas based so shipping is pretty fast. US shipping is free! They provide a tracking number for USPS after you order and ship out pretty fast.

The wigs usually all come with wig caps. I don't really use them, I don't really need 15 wig caps... But it's great if you don't really feel like buying wig caps from eBay or making your own.

I once had my items lost in the mail. They contacted USPS and reshipped my items. Such a plus for an online store!

TIP: wait until discount codes. They do discount codes all the time. It saves money and gives you an excuse to buy a lot of wigs! Haha. Also, subscribe to their email list! They give out exclusive codes, so more money saving!

Sometimes it takes awhile to restock items but eventually it happens. I've made my own wishlist for this reason.

They also have new collections and items all the time! New styles and colors! I keep up with their Facebook for this reason. Also, their models are so cute! I'm a fan of Pixie_late, she's definitely the cutest but doesn't have as many photos with them.

I also do the customer coordinates showcase which you can get $10 off coupon! Do it!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Review: Alice + Fururun

I recently tried out the used lolita clothes site Alice + Fururun
The site is easy to navigate and I can read enough Japanese to browse and buy. There are many brand items although a lot of things get sold out fast but they update pretty often.

I did overseas purchase Japan ---> USA
I followed the directions for overseas customers.
  • Put an order in the shopping cart. (Aug 21st)
  • A confirmation email comes. (Aug 21st)
  • Paypal payment email comes. (Aug 22nd)
  • You pay through Paypal. (Aug 22nd)
  • Email regarding that item is shipped and tracking provided (Aug 25th)
  • And then item arrives. (Aug 28th)

So the item took just a week to arrive! I love when this happens with international purchases. But I also did pay 2800 yen = $35.60 for shipping. Which is fine for me considering how cheap the dress was for an Angelic Pretty dress which was 12000 yen = $152.50

In general USA customs is pretty laid back about clothes purchases.