Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Review: Alice + Fururun

I recently tried out the used lolita clothes site Alice + Fururun
The site is easy to navigate and I can read enough Japanese to browse and buy. There are many brand items although a lot of things get sold out fast but they update pretty often.

I did overseas purchase Japan ---> USA
I followed the directions for overseas customers.
  • Put an order in the shopping cart. (Aug 21st)
  • A confirmation email comes. (Aug 21st)
  • Paypal payment email comes. (Aug 22nd)
  • You pay through Paypal. (Aug 22nd)
  • Email regarding that item is shipped and tracking provided (Aug 25th)
  • And then item arrives. (Aug 28th)

So the item took just a week to arrive! I love when this happens with international purchases. But I also did pay 2800 yen = $35.60 for shipping. Which is fine for me considering how cheap the dress was for an Angelic Pretty dress which was 12000 yen = $152.50

In general USA customs is pretty laid back about clothes purchases.