Friday, September 7, 2012

Review: Black Milk Clothing (updated!)

My review for Black Milk Clothing They are based in Australia

Relatively easy browsing. Lots of items but get sold out quickly although they do restocks often. Certain items are limited so if you want it, you got to buy it now!

Very pricey but for good reason. The leggings are amazing quality (I've bought cheap Chinese ones off of eBay before).

The sizing is a little confusing but their clothes are stretchy so I guess with my sizes: Waist 25in (63 cm) and Hips 35 in (89 cm) I could wear a small or xsmall. I've bought both and I prefer small because I feel like there is more design shown.

Shipping Australia ---> USA

I'm only interested in printed leggings (which are also cheaper and have awesome designs).

Total for one pair of leggings = Price + Shipping = $87.50 AUD ($94.17 USD)

Usually they ship the day after you order.
  • Ordered (July 30th)
  • Shipping Confirmation (July 31st)
  • Arrived (August 9th)

  • Ordered (August 22nd)
  • Shipping Confirmation (August 23rd)
  • Arrived (around September 3rd [I wasn't home when it arrived])
They don't provide a tracking number unless you want to pay more for shipping. But in general, it takes 10 days for it to arrive.

Although, one item I bought during a discount code
  • Ordered (August 10th)
  • Shipping Confirmation (August 27th)
  • Arrived (September 7th)
It took 17 days after I ordered for them to ship it out. The item I ordered after this already arrived. It's annoying that they didn't ship out this item for so long. But they do get a lot of customers and Black Milk rarely does discount codes.

I have one neutral experience with Black Milk Clothing. I ordered the Leg Bones Leggings and the print was misaligned. I'm overly picky but considering how expensive BM is I hope to get my money's worth. 

I emailed and they said that it matches the rest of the stock, so no partial refund/exchange etc. Maybe I'm nitpicking but I think it's noticeable, especially since it's a design that makes it obvious.

This won't prevent me from buying from them again but I'll be careful of what designs to buy, in case there is misalignment as obvious as this.

You will have to pay for "customs tax" but it's more like Fedex taking a chunk of money. I paid around $300 from BM and I had to pay around $75 to Fedex. And you can't ignore it or they'll send a debt collector and you could get a permanent mark on your credit record.