Saturday, September 1, 2012

Review: Gothic Lolita Wigs Store

I've been buying wigs from Gothic Lolita Wigs Store for awhile now. Might as well do a review!

List of wigs I own from them:

Their wigs are great! Although some wigs seem to be made out of different material than others. The older wigs such as the Split Lolita series and the Wavy Lolita series get tangled more easily. Newer collections such as the Sweetheart Collection and Rhapsody Collection and Peek-a-Boo Collection are a lot easier to comb through.

Service from this site is always good. This store is Texas based so shipping is pretty fast. US shipping is free! They provide a tracking number for USPS after you order and ship out pretty fast.

The wigs usually all come with wig caps. I don't really use them, I don't really need 15 wig caps... But it's great if you don't really feel like buying wig caps from eBay or making your own.

I once had my items lost in the mail. They contacted USPS and reshipped my items. Such a plus for an online store!

TIP: wait until discount codes. They do discount codes all the time. It saves money and gives you an excuse to buy a lot of wigs! Haha. Also, subscribe to their email list! They give out exclusive codes, so more money saving!

Sometimes it takes awhile to restock items but eventually it happens. I've made my own wishlist for this reason.

They also have new collections and items all the time! New styles and colors! I keep up with their Facebook for this reason. Also, their models are so cute! I'm a fan of Pixie_late, she's definitely the cutest but doesn't have as many photos with them.

I also do the customer coordinates showcase which you can get $10 off coupon! Do it!