Monday, October 22, 2012

Review: Tokyo Alice Rakuten

I had been watching Tokyo Alice awhile because they constantly update their items.

I descided to buy a dress that was 17800 yen.

They do not ship overseas using the cart, you have to use a shopping service for that. But you can email them the item you want.

  • I emailed Oct 16th
  • I got an email and invoice (Paypal) back the same day Oct 16th
  • They recieved my payment and sent out package with tracking Oct 18th
  • I recieved my package Oct 22nd

Total 20020 yen = 17800 + 2220 (EMS shipping)

So yay for good experience! EMS shipping is expensive but so reliable!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Review: Usagi Youhinten

I recently acquired a skirt from Usagi Youhinten

This site is difficult to navigate because they don't delete their sold out items and they don't put the items that aren't sold out in the first few pages.

BUT they do have a lot of items that are cheap and update often enough.

  • I ordered from their cart and got a confirmation email - Oct 5th
  • I recieved the invoice and sent payment - Oct 6th
  • I got a shipping confirmation with the tracking number - Oct 9th
  • I recieved the item - Oct 12th
It took a week after I ordered to arrive!

The item was 9200 yen and the shipping was 1860 yen. Total was 11060 yen
9200 + 1860 = 11060 yen~ $140.60

This skirt was still on Angelic Pretty USA site for $217! And this dress came in "A" condition with tags still. A completely unused item! Saved around $80!