Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Review: Trample Clothing

I recently bought some shoes from the NY based used and new lolita shop, this webshop never really updates so I don't really watch it often. It's easy to navigate and relatively reasonably priced.

They had their Vivienne Westwood x Melissa shoes for $80 so I had to buy them!

Shipping was $10, not ideal but not expensive, and took around 10 days to arrive. (I live on the west-coast)

The shoes were packed with Styrofoam peanuts so they wouldn't shift during shipping. The shoe box was packaged inside another box to prevent wrinkled corners. (I've received shoes from eBay with shoe boxes wrapped only in brown paper and completely smashed up from shipping).

I would buy from this site again, if something new catches my eye.

Vivienne Westwood shoes are surprisingly uncomfortable though, I have wide feet so this may be the issue and the sizing seemed larger. The straps would hold my feet towards the heel of the shoe which would make the wide part of my foot hit the narrow curve of the shoe. I'll buy half a size down next time.