Friday, December 14, 2012

Review: Closet Child

I finally bought from the notorious Closet Child

Lots of items and updates regularly. Although, they are known to raise their prices and are somewhat more expensive compared to Usagiyouhinten or Alice+Fururun. But they also have English speaking staff so if there is a problem it can easily be solved.

But... you can easily get banned from this site. If you cancel once you get a warning and the second time you'll be banned. So no impulse purchases on this site!

  • First, you order through the site, which reserves the item.
  • Then, they send an email asking to confirm the order so that they can create an invoice with shipping. (Dec 7th)
  • Then, you get an email telling you the price and shipping and the invoice (Dec 9th)
  • Paid invoice (Dec 9th)
  • They recieved invoice and sent out package (Dec 10th)
  • I recieved package (Dec 13th)

Very quick at everything! Expensive shipping as usual (2200 yen for a cape) but worth it considering how fast it came!

Will order from again, definitely. Especially, if I see any of my dream items!

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