Friday, January 18, 2013

Review: Pinky Paradise and Vassen Dolly Plus Grey

I finally ordered circle lens! I chose Pinky Paradise because there are a lot of good reviews and international ordering doesn't seem like an issue. I am not endorsed by this company and paid for my items, since there seems to be a lot of reviews of people who have received free lenses and sponsored.

*Important Note* I have astigmatism but I didn't order toric circle lenses because of the cost and the wait. When you have astigmatism the shape of your eye is more football shape than round. The shape causes contacts that aren't toric to slip. I do not recommend people who have astigmatism to buy contacts that aren't their prescription to wear them for long periods of time. This is my point of view and everyone is allowed to do as they wish.


I ordered the contacts (December 29th)
I received them (January 17th)

The shipping method was International Registered Air Mail, which takes 14-25 days to deliver. They give a tracking number but it doesn't change from "Origin Post is Preparing Shipment" until the day it arrives, which made me a little nervous but no panic.

I ordered the Vassen Dolly Plus Grey 

It came with a cute contact lens case. The vials were sealed shut with some sort of foil to prevent tampering I assume (it took me awhile to get it off with my lack of experience). My prescriptions were written on the top to differentiate the two vials.

They're a little larger than I thought they would be. I have dark brown Asian eyes for those who want to know.

^ my original eye color under light

The black rim of my right contact lens is thinner than my left which looks a little strange but not a big issue to me. They're comfortable (I wear thicker contacts so I'm used to the feel). The color is very bold, which I like.

Overall, POSITIVE review. I will buy more from this site and recommend to others. (They do not sell toric lenses though). I'll look for a smaller size next time.