Saturday, March 9, 2013

Review: Solestruck

Solestruck is a shoe store that sells awesome (somewhat expensive) shoes. Their physical store is located in Portland, Oregon.

They have sales sometimes, this is kind of a late review so I think it was some sort of back-to-school sale.


I bought the Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike 2 in black on sale for $110.97. No shipping fee or sales tax.

- I ordered and received confirmation email (9/7)
- Item shipped email with tracking number (9/8)
- Delivered (9/11)

Fast shipping and reasonable price for Jeffrey Campbell. I would do business with Solestruck again when there's another sale.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Review: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Online Shop

I have already written a review on BTSSB but I thought I'll include some things that aren't LP items.

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright had a winter sale which is super awesome but stressful to get the things you wanted. Items kept disappearing from my shopping cart or the site would crash.

Anyway, I got
- Alice Bruges Tutu JSK 13,020円
- Grace Baniran Skirt 8,295円

shipping was 4200円 (EMS)

- I ordered the items and received confirmation email (12/30)
- I got a payment email and paid that day (1/7)
- I received an item shipped email with tracking code (1/16)
- Item arrived (1/19)

These items unlike the LP items included the tags and pink BTSSB shopping bags!

I ordered again from their sale

2 cardigans 8064

shipping was 3000円

- I ordered (2/1)
- Payment email and paid (2/13)

- Shipped email with tracking code (2/16)
- Item arrived (2/19)

(the two on the right)