Sunday, August 11, 2013

Review: Japonica Market SS

I've been avoiding using shopping services (SS) because the extra costs but I was looking through which is an auction site similar to eBay or Yahoo!Auctions and I found the matching half-bonnet to one of the dresses I own and I had to buy it! Japonica Market is well used among lolitas so I tried it out.

You fill out and email the order form:

[ Auctions / Shopping Order Form ]

Seller ID : 
Item Name : 
Auction ID / Item URL : 
Max bid Price :   xxxx yen
Bidding Options : Snipe bid / Instant bid / Buy it Now

Payment : ( Credit Card/Bank through PayPal ) 
Shipping Options : EMS / Registered Airmail
PayPal Account : 
PayPal Confirmed Shipping Name and Address : 
note : 
I email the order form (July 2nd)
I receive invoice of my max bid (July 2nd)
I receive email that they have bid for me (July 3rd)
I email the order form for second item (July 4th)
I receive invoice of my max bid for second item (July 4th)
I receive email that I have won both items (July 6th)
I receive email that both items have arrived to the office and if they can invoice the final fees (July 11th)
They reply that they will pack/invoice in a few days and there may be a wait (July 12th)
I receive final invoice and pay (July 13th)
I receive email that items are shipped (July 14th)
I receive the package (July 18th)

Overall, the process is fast and good communication. I'm not sure if it's a one person business but they are very efficient.

But... like all shopping services it was quite pricey. In the long run you are probably saving more money than buying retail price but the fees do add up.

1) Dress + Bonnet
Item cost: 20000 yen
Shipping (to office): 1300 yen
SS fee: 1000 yen

2) Bag
Item cost: 3500 yen
Shipping (to office): 900 yen
SS fee: 600 yen

Total item cost: 23500 yen
Shipping (to office): 2200 yen
SS fees: 1600 yen
EMS Shipping (from office to me): 4000 yen
Paypal fee: 84 yen

Adding the shipping from seller to office to me is 6200 yen!!! My max bids (30000 yen) didn't cover all the costs so the total amount I paid was 31384 yen (including shipping and fees).

For a dress, half-bonnet, and bag it's a reasonable cost but the fees are surprising, especially since the total item cost was 23500 yen and you're paying ~8000 yen for fees and shipping.

Items came well packed and came with an Angelic Pretty shopping bag.

I would recommend Japonica Market as a SS and I'll probably use it again but only to buy large/multiple items.