Monday, September 23, 2013

Angelic Pretty at Anime Revolution 2013

I had the opportunity to model for Angelic Pretty at Anime Revolution in Canada and also attend the Angelic Pretty tea party! I got to meet a lot of Vancouver lolitas who were all so lovely and nice!

Here's some backstage photos

Outfit photo (I got to wear Fancy Paper Dolls before it was released)

Makeup pic, I'm wearing 3 pairs of false eyelashes! All the models did their own makeup

Here's a pic with Maki and Asuka, the designers of Angelic Pretty! So cute and sweet in person.

Here's a really attractive pic of me... haha
(Photo: rrrolypoly on Flickr)

(Photo: rrrolypoly on Flickr)

All the models were so friendly and fun. A lot of the girls were mutual friends and knew each other. I had a good time talking with everyone and wasn't very nervous because we were all having a good time.

Here's a group pic on the stage (so lucky I got to be in the front middle). There were e-famous lolitas that I recognized from Tumblr/Daily_Lolita such as Tamie, Charon, Sharon (they're all good friends too!)

I haven't found many pics of my model walk sadly enough but here you go!
(Red Envelope Photos)

(Sukhraj Bhattal Photography)

I met this adorable lady. Here's her blog, Instagram, and Tumblr. Look at that cute face and those perfect gyaru eyes! (She's rrrolypoly on Flickr by the way)

Now for the Angelic Pretty Tea Party!

Here's my outfit

Pic with Maki and Asuka again

me with the president of Angelic Pretty

Here's some pics of the room at Pan Pacific Vancouver

 The prizes!!!
  Raffle box and bags for the prizes!
 food pic!

I didn't win any raffle prizes but I won second place for best dressed! Here's me taking about my style points... so embarrassing...
(Photo: Christina Kam)

Me accepting the prize. I got a candle, ring, and bracelet!
(Photo: Monica Wang)

Tamie won first place for best dressed! She embroidered her dress, so hime~!

Here's some pics of the raffle winners (I didn't get pics of every winner, sorry!)

Here's the Vancouver lolitas giving a gift to Maki and Asuka, so sweet!

I had such a fun time! It was my first time attending a brand tea party. I hope to see the Vancouver lolitas again, I really enjoyed their community!

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