Thursday, September 12, 2013

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright fashion show at AnimeNEXT 2013

I've been meaning to write about my experience modeling for BtSSB and my first time going to the East Coast.

I'm guessing too many words would be boring but I had an amazing time. The Baby, the Stars Shine Bright fashion show was wonderful but being able to go to New York City was the highlight of the trip.

Here's me getting makeup done. I love the feeling of airbrush, it's just like cold air blown on your face, quite relaxing, really. They made our cheeks really pink!
Makeup artist was Emily Harber and I forget the assistant's name (Photo by Kenji Horigami)

Here's me and Aeryn, we modeled together for Hangry&Angry at Sakura-con! She's modeling for MINT NeKO

Here's all the BtSSB models waiting for hair and makeup and me awkwardly caught on the side.
(Photo by Aeryn)

The staff provided us with food! Sometimes this happens for fashion shows, other times not. AnimeNEXT was very generous to their models, we were given 3-day passes for the convention, free food for before and after the show, and I got a voucher for a meal at the one of the hotels (although it seems like they were meant only for staff but I somehow got one)
(Photo: Aeryn)

This is me with my hair and makeup done

Me and the hair stylist Kenji Horigami. I talked a little with him, he's Japanese and from Kyoto but works at a hair salon in New York. He was very fun to work with! And he trimmed the bangs for me (so glad because I hate cutting them myself).

Here's the whole outfit! I usually wear hime so it's nice to wear a country-style sweet lolita.

Here's Saki Tachibana-san and Masumi Kano-san, they were both very sweet and nice. It was nice to chat with them both. They gave me encouragement and would tell me how cute I was even without makeup or hair. I hope to work them again!

Me and Saki-san

Me and Masumi-san

Moon Stream was modeling Alice & the Pirates. They were very fun to talk to and kept me from being too nervous on stage. I was standing behind them because they were that last people in AatP and I was the first person in BtSSB. I hope to see them again! They model for AatP at conventions quite often it seems.

After the show, we saw Akinori Isobe-san arrive for the Q & A panel. I had to ask for a photo but didn't have much opportunity to speak with him. 

I also asked for a photo with MINT NeKO who had the fashion show before BtSSB.

Here's a group photo of models wearing Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. I got to meet some e-famous people such as Victoria Suzanne, Renee Marie, MC Melody Doll
(Photo: Aeryn)

Here's the whole group, including staff, designers, etc.
The lighting backstage was so bad! It was way too dark to take any decent pics.

Here's me, Aeryn in MINT NeKO, and Audra in AatP. Audra also modeled Hangry&Angry at Sakura-con, she flew in from LA. She's so cute and adorable!

Thanks for reading! There are more pics of me and the fashion show in general here