Thursday, September 19, 2013

J-Pop Summit Festival Weekend 2013!

Another event post! I had the opportunity to model for 6%DOKIDOKI at the Harajuku Kawaii Fashion Show at J-Pop Summit Festival. I also entered the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright outfit contest. I had an amazing time here and met many people!

Here's an outfit shot

Here's a makeup shot. 

The models for 6%DOKIDOKI did our own makeup and hair. We were actually separated from the other models for the Harajuku Kawaii event because we working directly with 6%DOKIDOKI designer Sebastian Masuda and staff Yuka while the other models were represented by Asobisystem which is a modeling agency and company that brought the different brand clothes. Our fittings were in different buildings and we didn't interact as much with the other models because of the different set-up. We also had a different routine for the fashion show such as the dance at the end.

Here's a group shot of the models for 6%DOKIDOKI including shopgirl Yuka and famous model/fashion blogger Eva Cheung. I also realized I've read Cristina Viseu (far left)'s blog (she's a very popular blogger) and Mei (second from left) is a shopgirl at MARUQ! I'm surrounded by idols! Both Mei and Cristina have already modeled for 6%DOKIDOKI before too!
(photo from 6%DOKIDOKI FB)
While we were waiting, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu comes over since she models for 6%DOKIDOKI frequently and collaborates with Sebastian Masuda. I got to shake her hand and I told her I was a fan! She looks exactly like her photos! So adorable in person!
(Photo from 6%DOKIDOKI FB)
Here's a couple iPad photos with people
Me and Sebastian Masuda, founder of 6%DOKIDOKI

 Me and Yuka, shopgirl and model for 6%DOKIDOKI

 Me and manager of 6%DOKIDOKI, she works so hard!

Me and Saki Sato, model for Zipper

Me and Yura, one of my favorite models of KERA and Zipper. She's so cute in person too!

 Me and Ayumi Seto, model for Zipper. It's so weird seeing her in person, I'm so used to her photos on Tumblr and such.

Me and Eva, she's very quiet and humble in person. I love how it contrasts with her colorful look. 

When all the models lined up on stage, the 6%DOKIDOKI models ended up in the back but thankfully they did one of these photos of having models with the crowd. Yay for being in the back!
(Dave Golden Photography)

6%DOKIDOKI is very generous to their models that we got gifts for participating! We each got different shirts according to our style. I was wearing pink so of course I got pink! We also got 2 buttons and a sample 6%DOKIDOKI bear collectible.

The next day I dressed up for the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright outfit contest. The theme was "Enchanted Forest"

Here's a full outfit pic
(Masamune Photography)

Here's a makeup and hair shot
(Masamune Photography)

I was going to a forest princess look where her kingdom is among the animals and nature. All the other contestants were amazing! A lot of them had handmade hairpieces and accessories. Truthfully, I suck at crafting and was awfully jealous of all these skilled lolitas. 

Group pic! Look at all the amazing lolitas!
(Renoben Photography)

Although I did not win, all the contestants were given a tickets to attend a tea party hosted by Crown and Crumpet and Baby, the Stars Shine Bright SF! It was at the 3rd floor of the New People Building. I loved the decorations and setup! I was surprised how generous BtSSB SF was, they gave out 6 prizes to the winners and even had a tea party for all 20 contestants!

Here's some of the food and tea I had. Look at the cute acorn-shaped sugar cube!

Here's where I was seated! We even got paper dolls as a gift!

Here's a group photo at the tea party! Some contestants had already left by this time though. I had fun meeting the SF lolitas, they're very talented and there were some faces I recognized from Tumblr and Daily_Lolita. 
(photo from Crown & Crumpet FB)

I also stopped by the Harajuku Kawaii booth to say hi to Sebastian and Yuka in lolita and ended up taking a picture with them because there wasn't a line.

I went to see Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's concert at Union Square but I couldn't get a good pic and had to head to the airport afterwards with all my luggage.

I had such an amazing time! This whole event was free too! I really enjoyed this more than conventions because I'm not interested in cosplay or anime but I like Japanese fashion. I'm so glad I was able to meet so many different people.