Sunday, November 10, 2013

Angelic Pretty USA 3rd Anniversary Tea Party!

I attended Angelic Pretty USA's 3rd Anniversary Tea Party in San Francisco last weekend. I got to see the designers Maki and Asuka and the President of Angelic Pretty Honda-san again!

There was an in-store event at Angelic Pretty SF the day before. I wasn't able to snag any lucky packs but I enjoyed myself anyway!
Took a pic with Asuka-san!

Now on to the Tea Party!


me with the President of Angelic Pretty

Winners of the Scavenger Hunt!

Raffle Winners! Sorry, I forgot to take pics of all the winners.


nail stickers

ring and bracelet set

2nd Place Winner for Best Dressed

1st Place Winner for Best Dressed

Group Pic!
Photo: Angelic Pretty SF Facebook

Here's after the party, waiting in line for in-store special shopping! (can you find me?)

It was a lot longer than the tea party at Anime Revolution and so many lolitas! I recognized a few from Tumblr and daily_lolita. I knew SF lolitas step up their game in crafting and coords so I got to see many beautiful people!

Hope to go again next year~!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Lockshop Contest Prize Opening!

Around two months ago I won the Lockshop Flower Circus contest as Grand Prize Winner and I finally received my package!

Here's the box!

 Here are all the items! 

 Here are the wigs I chose:

Here are the tights I chose:

And here's the mystery gift!

I am so grateful for Lockshop and their generosity! I hope to apply again to their next outfit contests.