Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Review: Oh My Lens and Ahene 3 Color Gray Toric Lens

I recently bought toric lenses from Oh My Lens, I have severe astigmatism but avoided buying toric lenses because of the cost and the time it takes.

I chose Oh My Lens because the cost was slightly less and there is large selection of toric lenses. I'm pretty picky and prefer lenses with 2 colors or more because they look more natural.
I ordered on August 1st
I got an email on the same day, saying that it would shipped around August 16th
I got a shipping confirmation on August 13th
Package was delivered on August 21st

I have dark brown eyes and I love how they look on my eyes, they enlarge slightly and the color definitely shows up on my eyes but looks natural. They're really comfortable and since I can actually see everything; I end up wearing these lens all the time.


I would definitely recommend Oh My Lens for the speed of shipping and selection of toric lenses. I also recommend the Ahene 3 Color Gray Toric Lens. Especially, after reading Pinky Paradise reviews, it looks like their toric lenses can take around 2 months to ship.

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